A Transylvanian Summer

After a brief introduction to Romania through the city of contrasts that is Bucharest, we were whisked off to our new home for four weeks, the BnB Podul Turcului located in Moeciu de Jos.  Situated at the bottom of a valley not too far away from the super touristy Bran, this place was the perfect escape from the rest of the world. Here we had a unique insight into rural Romanian life, but with a road running through it and buses to Bran and as far as Brasov, I instantly fell in love with the place.


With a busy 6 day a week schedule, teaching and activity leading, we did not have much time to explore as we wanted to. But just being there amongst the green was enough, a reminder to myself as to how lucky I am to have such opportunities, to visit places that I may otherwise have overlooked. Being an ESL teacher has its perks.

One of the most beautiful places I have ever had the pleasure to visit. I would return within a heartbeat.



Room with a view

I highly recommend a visit to Moeciu de Jos and a stay at Podul Turcului, located away from it all but without being totally in the middle of nowhere, here you can enjoy the peace and quiet, but hop on the bus for a night out in Bran. The food served at Podul Turcului is high quality, traditional Romanian style, the wine is amazing and the staff are friendly.


More on my Transylvanian adventure to come. No Dracula in sight.



2 thoughts on “A Transylvanian Summer

  1. I really would love to know more about teaching ESL in Turkey. I am disappointed because I didn’t pass my PRAXIS ( a teaching license ) test and I do not want to pay so much more money for all this extra education when I feel more than qualified as it is. I have my master’s in education and another master’s in rehab counseling, and a TEFL so – hopefully this is good enough!

    I LOVE your blog and delight in learning more from you =)
    please email / write at your convenience!

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by!! Don’t worry about not passing your teaching license test you are well qualified to work in Turkey and in the TEFL world generally. I went there with my degree in English and Politics alongside an online 140 hour TEFL and got a job in a private school. What you have is more than good enough! 🙂 Dooo itttt!! It is an amazing place!

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