Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

“Art is in the eye of the beholder”, Me (circa 2003). This was my response to the question “What is art?”, in A-Level General Studies.



These photos were all taken on last weekends trip to Sofia, Bulgaria. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of graffiti I spied throughout the city, reminiscent of Berlin but with a post- Soviet twist. There were much better, more artsy examples, I did not capture all of them!



One persons art is another persons vandalism. Personally, I like anything that brightens up my day whether its a bed of flowers or a colourful mural on an otherwise monotonous commute. There is nothing more dull than the grey and brown hues offered by a concrete or brick wall.



Graffiti can be mindless tagging; someone leaving their mark scribbled on a wall without much thought. It can also be a political message, a cultural expression, a well thought out composition or simply a sick piece.







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