Sun, Sea and Spritzer

A post I originally wrote for my old food blog in awe of the refreshing spritzer native to Italy. Last year I was lucky enough to teach at a summer camp in the beautiful La Spezia and this is what I wrote. As I prepare to leave Turkey on to my next adventure I have decided to keep this blog to chronicle all of my travels in one place….. Oh how much my writing has come along in a year! It is always good to look back!

Food is To Me....

I have been absent without leave not through a lazy lack of blogging, but through a real absence from the UK for a two week teaching stint in Northern Italy.

La Spezia La Spezia

As interesting as the food and eating habits have been I have merely been far too tired to do anything other than teach, plan and slot in the odd visit to here and there in those golden snatches of free time not spent sleeping. Not to mention my lack of a computer and limited wireless connectivity. Luckily being backwards with my choice of mobile technology I can freely type this post on the qwerty keypad on my phone. This post is brought to you courtesy of Blackberry (or not as the bloody thing would not let me post it for some odd reason but here it is, regurgitated from my drafts folder).

The aforementioned moments of freedom haveā€¦

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