Spring, Istanbul (in Photos).

In spring Istanbul comes alive with colours you never thought possible in this city. Exciting the senses in a place saturated in never-ending grey tones. Here are my photos of spring in Istanbul.


April saw the annual Istanbul tulip festival, welcoming spring in with 20 million tulips planted all over the city. 211 different varieties I’ll have you know. Parks, roundabouts, pavements… anywhere with a bit of soil.

Yildiz Park

Yildiz Park

Known by many as the symbol of the Netherlands the tulip was actually exported over there from Istanbul. A favourite of the Sultans.






Tulips galore

Tulips galore



The tulips are best enjoyed in the beautiful parks of Istanbul. I personally recommend Gulhane, Yildiz and Emirgan parks for tulips in abundance. Gulhane by far had the higher flower to grass ratio. Combine this with the fragrance of hyacinths and an educational experience in the herb gardens to top off any spring visit to Sultanahmet. Visit Yildiz and Emirgan for their displays of tulips alongside stunning Bosphorus views.


Due to the concrete nature of this city, I feel that I appreciate spring here more than I ever have. Every blossom, every flower, every colour is relished. If you get the chance to visit Istanbul in spring do it!! The tulips alone make it the best time of year to experience this city.


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