A Trip to the Turkish Riveria

So a trip to the Rumeli fortress went awry and we ended up rather far up the Bosphorus without a paddle. The perfect opportunity to have a wander down these streets less traveled (by us anyway). Our journey took us from Betikas to Bebek to Sariyer along the Bosphorus, or as I like to call it, the Turkish Rivera (i.e the posh areas). This truly is where the other half lives, felt more like Monaco than Istanbul, with more ferraris than you can shake a stick at. Regardless of the flagrant wealth floating around, this truly is a lovely place to visit.

On our journey we saw….


The Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, or the second suspension bridge in Istanbul at just under a mile long.


The Japanese peace gardens in Baltalimani (found on the walk between Rumeli fortress and Emirgan park). These gardens were built jointly by Istanbul municipality and Shimonoseki city council due to the two being sister cities. Who knew!IMG_1824

People fishing in the Bosphorus.Nothing new there then.

Tulips galore

Tulips galore

Emirgan park, our default end destination after our original plan failed. And a lovely park it is, blooming as part of Istanbul’s 4th ever Tulip Festival. April is in fact a great time to be in Istanbul with so many tulips brightening up the place, planted pretty much wherever there is available space (in parks, roadsides, roundabouts…). A nice bit of trivia here for you, seen by many as a symbol of Holland, tulips were actually exported to Holland from Istanbul in the 17th century. For many Istanbulites they are a symbol of this city and if you ever have the pleasure to visit in April you will see why.


Another successful weekend.



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