Uskudar; Istanbul’s Green Haven?

After a little hiatus I finally have time to write about stuff I want to. Yay.

A few weeks back on a botched attempt at visiting the Princes Islands we found ourselves at Kabatas (ferry port) with nowhere to go. Our dreams of a bike ride in the car free sanctuary that is Buyukada fading fast, we needed an ample alternative. Having read about a fabled park in Uskudar and happening to be right in front of the ferry going to said place it was a no brainer. Good choice.

We felt the difference as soon as we departed the ferry. Were those flower beds I spied? Trees? Such things are merely hinted at in Istanbul, they don’t actually exist. Do they? I must have been dreaming. And the crowds. Or should I say the distinct lack of. In comparison to the human traffic we had escaped with the short continent crossing ferry ride, this place was quite literally a breath of fresh air.

Interesting Uskudar

Interesting Uskudar

Following the patch of green we spotted on approach we walked left along the Bosphorus until we arrived at our chosen destination. Fethi Pasa Korusu, a green haven; we had reached our holy land and it was filled with life breathing trees.


A slightly steep walk uphill has you in the depth of its green bits, forest like in nature I was reminded of such places back home that I once took for granted. Take a tree lined walk along the Bosphorus for an altogether different view of the other side framed by fauna.


Get lost in the otherworldliness of nature. Nature that has been stolen by this city. Cruelly taken by soulless concrete structures and characterless developments.

Where have you been all my life?

Where have you been all my life?




The good thing about living in Istanbul is that when you find something green you appreciate it. You revel in it, you positively thrive in it. It may have been an otherwise gloomy day but the swathes of green that surrounded us lifted our spirits in a way that the sun couldn’t even achieve. Visit Dilruba restaurant at the top for the best salep in Istanbul. Well the best I’ve had at least.

Uskudar wasn’t voted the most desirable place to live by Istanbul residents for nothing.



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